Saturday, December 17, 2005

December 18, 1624

Merchant adventurers James Shirley, William Collier, Thomas Fletcher, and Robert Holland wrote to Governor William Bradford and others of the Plymouth Colony:

As here hath been a faction and siding amongst us now more than two years; so now there is an utter breach and sequestration amongst us... And though we are persuaded the main cause of their this doing is want of money...yet other things are by many pretended, and not without some colour urged, which are these: 1st, A distaste of you there, for that you are (as they affirm) Brownists, condemning all other churches, and persons but yourselves and those in your way, and you are contentious, cruel and hard hearted, among your neighbours and towards such as in all points both civil and religious, jump not with you. And that you are negligent, careless, wasteful, unthrifty, and suffer all general goods, and affairs to go at six and sevens and spend your time in idleness and talking and confering, and care not what be wasted worn and torn out, whilst all things come so easily, and so cheap unto you...


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