Sunday, December 18, 2005

December 19, 1861

Following the Battle of Rowlett's Station in Kentucky, Confederate Sgt Benjamin Franklin Batchelor wrote to his wife:

Our charge was not made in front, but on a line... Our Shot Guns thew up a blaze of fire & shot almost into their faces -- the distance between our lines did not exceed ten or fifteen feet & in some instances the boys did not fire until the muzzles of their guns were within a few inches of the Enemy's heads causing horrible mutilation. Shrieks of their wounded filled the air, still the[y] stubbornly held their position till our guns and Six Shooters were nearly exhausted, and more than half their numbers were either killed or wounded... we were so close, and rushed along their line in such headlong fury -- yelling like Demons -- that they could no more draw a sight on us than they could on a Meteor... we took few prisoners; in fact the men were too much exasperated after the death of our colonel to take prisoners -- they were shot down...


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